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I was searching the web for news/images for the ending of 13 baktun/ new era celebration and as I was browsing through the photos I see something I could only describe from out of my dream, that “fire pit” was in one of my dreams earlier this year.

I was on a journey and in one scene I was passing this fire pit which was lit and an old woman was standing around one of the levels not saying a word and holding her hands out as if she was seeking my assistance, there were mayan hieroglyphs carved all around its borders and they were disintegrating, I would describe it as “sands of time.” The stones were coming apart and I also felt as if I was becoming disoriented and lost so I quickly helped the woman by holding my hands to the stones and they stopped turning to sand, my vision was zooming in on these images as if they wanted me to read them, too bad I don’t read Mayan hieroglyphs but I do remember holding a stone with a dragon like image. The woman thanked me and asked if I wanted anything and that she could make a spell for it. I asked for nothing and she handed me a small bag instead.

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